Best Instagram Games in Stories

Every Instagram blogger dreams of being popular. If in the first stages of developing your account you can just buy instagram followers, then further you need to think about how to entertain followers and what content to pick up. In this article, we’ll tell you about the different game options you can use in Stories.

Screenshot Prediction

This game requires the Stories functionality. In Stories, you’ll need to upload a video, which is a fast-changing picture with random predictions. In the description of the video, set the theme of the prediction and invite subscribers to take their own screenshot-prediction and share the result in the comments. The subject of the divination can be anyone. For example: “How will you spend tonight,” “Who will you go on vacation with,” “How will you meet the new year,” and more.


Post the original of any photo and offer your subscribers to sketch it and draw something in your Stories to the original image. With this kind of interactivity, both you and your followers will have an interesting Story. And if you are engaged in sales on Instagram, in such a way you can natively promote your product. The authors of the best works can be rewarded with encouraging prizes.

10 facts about me

Share 10 facts about yourself with your followers, and include a few fictional ones. Post 1 fact every hour or every day in Stories, and use polls in Stories to invite subscribers to vote on whether it’s true or not. At the end of the game, sum up the results and reward the most savvy subscriber by posting them on your profile or giving them a discount or gift.

Battle of the Hype

Vote for the best column or product to see what your subscribers like best. At the end of the game, you can set up a promotion for the winning product, thereby motivating subscribers to buy. In addition to this obvious bonus of the game, you’ll also get an organic increase in your Stories’ reach, as people will constantly interact with the content to make their choices.

Find the Differences

The essence of the game is that Stories posts two nearly identical images that differ in just a few details. The task of the user is to find these differences, and to do this he will have to look through Stories repeatedly. Post the correct answers the next day, and reward the most attentive users with incentives.


Set up a “What? Where? When?” show for your followers by asking multiple-choice questions in Stories. Winners can be rewarded with gifts, discounts, or simply mentioned in your account. Questions always collect a lot of comments. And in this case you’ll let your subscribers shine with their erudition.

Detective Story

Invite your subscribers to play detective by asking them to solve a mystery. You’ll need to create several Stories for the game. In the first one, describe the beginning of the situation. In the next, describe what happened, periodically offering your subscribers different versions of the detective protagonist’s actions. Interactivity will help capture the audience’s attention, make subscribers think, and share their guesses, which in turn will increase the natural coverage of Stories.

So don’t think that if you bought instagram followers paypal, you can no longer work on account development.