Best Uses of a Swiss Knife

One of the most popular tools in the world, the Swiss knife is also known for its versatility. Deviced in the late 1800s, the knife has become synonymous with survival and multi-tasking. Also known as a pocket knife, the Swiss knife is a handy tool that can be used in a variety of circumstances and situations.

If you’ve been gifted one or are looking to purchase one yourself, here are some of the unique ways you could use the product:

  1. Opening stuff – Swiss knives are perfect for opening tin boxes, envelopes, bags, pet food and so much more. The blades are really sharp on these knives and they can get the job done easily. This one’s for those people who always end up using their keys to pierce any surface.
  1. Cutting things – The next time your scissors play hide-and-seek with you, just forget it. Let your Swiss knife do the job. The knife can cut anything from a loose thread on your t-shirt to layers of cello tape that’s used on packaging. There are so many ways in which you can use the knife to cut, so ensure you’ve always got it on your person through the day. The other tools include the corkscrew as well as a can opener which can be used to open wine bottles.
  2. Prepare food – Eating is a necessity and preparing your own food is sometimes a tedious process. The Swiss knife can help you with this activity by helping you prep. Whether its peeling an orange, cutting a radish or slicing an apple, the Swiss knife does it all with ease.

The various tiny tools on it were designed specifically for this purpose, as army officers historically would use it to prepare their rations during wartime. Swiss knives also come with a screwdriver which can be used to tighten bolts on different devices.

  1. Removing splinters – When a splinter pierces your skin, it can be a painful and messy experience if you use tweezers. They need to be taken out carefully and pocket knives are the perfect tool. They have sharp tools which can easily penetrate without hurting you and scoop out the splinter in perfect shape. Almost like a surgeon. The tweezers are removable and can be attached and detached as per your need.
  2. Repairing items – Swiss knives can also be used to sharpen tools like blades, chisels and saws while also removing blisters or other blemishes from tools. The Swiss knives also come with a tiny loop ring which can be used to attach it on a belt or a hook.
  3. Defending yourself – Probably the most underrated yet valuable use of the army knife is to make your life easier when you’re in trouble. The knife can be used to defend yourself whenever you’re in trouble and it could save your life at a time when you’re helpless. Keep that in mind.

Thus, the knife is one of the most versatile products and you can get the Swiss knife in India from manufacturers like Swiza. Straight from Switzerland, they know exactly how to make sturdy knives and are one of the best exponents of this wonderful import from the country.