How to play in a casino and not lose

Of course, we are not talking about traditional casinos. They have a mode in which the player almost never loses, available only in roulette. So, standing at the roulette table, a player can make two small identical bets – one on red, the other on black. In this case, one bet will certainly double, the second one will be lost, and the player’s total amount of money will not change.

He can lose only if the zero sector falls out, which is rare. But it is boring to play this way, but in the online casino can play without money – at the same time, it is quite interesting. Consider two ways to spin the reels and spread the cards at online casinos from this rating for free.

Demo mode

This mode is designed specifically to demonstrate (as the name suggests) the capabilities of all casino games. Unlike some casinos that provide a demo mode for an extremely limited time, in most online casinos you can use it all the time. That’s it – if you don’t like gambling, but don’t want to register, leave your information, and even more so if you want to deposit money and risk it, just don’t do it! Play safely in demo mode, if you just want to have fun. Although, most likely, after the next won amount, quite pleasant – but virtual – you will not want to play in the imitation, and you will register and start betting. But this is only our assumption.

Test mode is also used for its direct purpose – testers, who are engaged in debugging the casino games. Since the gameplay is absolutely no different when playing for money or free, you can see the level of payoff, variance, and mathematical expectation for all slots, without spending a lot of money. Just visit the casino website and play for fun.

But how do you play and win without investing?

It’s more difficult, but if you study well the casino’s bonus policy and carefully follow all the special promotions and bonuses, it’s also possible. There are no problems in this: the first bonus a player gets already at registration, which in this case will still be necessary. Yes, bonuses require wagering, but with a competent approach, even the wager player can put himself at his service. It is necessary to choose the most “giving” slots and watch, where the wagering ratio is maximum. This information is not closed, it can be read out in the conditions of provision of bonuses.

Why do people gambleĀ 

Originally invented by nature for learning, the play became a value in and of itself. And then it became enriched with artificial meanings. Yes, of course, civilized man still often uses games for learning, but even more often he resorts to them for naked pleasure or to release accumulated emotions (that is why we so often see people getting angry during absolutely harmless games).

And the more powerful the progress, the more the meanings of play change. For example, with the advent of computer games, people became fascinated with them in large part because they got the opportunity to be what they wanted to be: heroes saving galaxies from vicious enemies, powerful wizards, bloodthirsty criminals, or dictators. Unable to materialize in the real world, they prove themselves in games.

And, of course, we can not avoid the financial side of the issue. In today’s world, there are a few hundred or even thousands of games that allow you to earn money, perfectly combining pleasure with profit. If you, too, want to play and thus earn, go to and choose an online casino! You’ll have the opportunity to play both for money and completely free, so choose the model you want and get down to business!