How to recognize that your lawyer is incompetent?

After signing a contract, a good lawyer periodically informs the client about the progress of the case, takes the necessary steps in time and agrees on them in advance, does not avoid meetings, answers all questions that arise in an exhaustive manner. A lack of such action on the part of the chosen counsel is an obvious cause for concern. To understand that the lawyer is incompetent, can also be seen in the reaction of the court to his work. If the documents that the lawyer prepares are systematically rejected by the court, read the texts of the relevant judicial acts. 

It usually does not require special legal knowledge to understand whether a document is rejected because the court has taken a different point of view from several possible ones (this does not indicate the lawyer’s unprofessionalism), or because the lawyer made a mistake (for example, the complaint was filed in the wrong court or body, or with a violation of the procedural deadline, or without the necessary set of documents). It is also not difficult to identify the lawyer who wants to enrich himself at your expense. If you do not understand what and why he does, and at the same time you can not get distinct explanations or do not see his work (for example, no one at the trial), decide the question of further cooperation with such a lawyer. 

By the way, the lawyer can be checked with the help of a hired consultant – the latter will study the case and give an opinion on how the lawyer works. You can also read more information about known fraudsters such as Michael Kyriakides to protect yourself.

Do I need to control the lawyer?

In the agreement with the lawyer you can stipulate the procedure and conditions of the defender of the reports. The attorney must maintain a lawyer’s file in which to place all documents prepared in the case as well as other pertinent materials. As in any process, it makes sense to inquire about the progress of the case: ask the lawyer for this dossier and reports on the activities conducted with an indication of the time spent on them. 

It is normal to control the lawyer, the main thing is that the control does not lead to interference in his work. Proceed from the fact that the lawyer has legal knowledge and experience that you do not have, which is why you went to him. If you have your own view of what legal arguments should be used by the lawyer or what legal actions should be taken, do not insist on it, because you may be wrong. First, discuss everything in sentence format, and if you are wrong – a good lawyer will not hesitate to justify why it is impossible to do as you have suggested.

What to do if a lawyer does not do his or her job well?

Complain to the lawyer in the case, when he does not fulfill his obligations or not acting in the interests of the principal, it is necessary. This will be useful to the principal (who in the future may be able to get a court order for compensation), and the entire legal corporation. Control over the activities of lawyers engaged in the relevant structure, a member of which is your lawyer. A complaint against the lawyer is considered by a special commission, taking into account the conclusion of the qualification committee. If the complaint is found substantiated, the lawyer may be subjected to disciplinary sanctions up to the termination of his status.

Some clients abuse their rights and find formal grounds for appealing the actions of a lawyer in order not to pay for his services. These are very sad precedents. Hopefully, in such disciplinary proceedings, the Commission will not take a decision against the lawyer based on formal circumstances. If you want to make sure the lawyer is honest, you should also look into articles about fraudsters. You can find such an example here