I Love My Blue Pearl Pool Cleaner (I Just Wish It Could Fit On My Army Knife)

Yes, I want a robotic vacuum cleaner on my army knife and I don’t care that it doesn’t fit…

I have a smallish swimming pool that I love. But what I don’t like is the weekly cleaning routine that goes along with owning a pool. I followed some of the guidance over at poolshock.net but still found it a pain every Sunday night to vacuum the pool using my pressure-side cleaner.

But everything changed when I bought my Blue Pearl Robotic Cleaner.

All I do now is plug it in, switch it on, drop it into the water and return a few hours later to a sparkling pool. It’s completely hands free and I don’t have to mess about with long hoses or ambiguous attachments. I also don’t have to worry that I’m overloading my pool filter which is nice as that’s an expensive piece of equipment right there.

I find it unbelievable that manufactures refer to their suction side and pressure side vacuum cleaners as “automatic.” They need far more supervision than my pool robot and the installation is convoluted. I strongly believe that as soon as a pool owner tries a pool robot, there is no going back to other types of cleaner. Really, they are that good.