Pool Robots: There is no turning back once you’ve tried one

The Blue Pearl is pretty good at climbing and cleaning the pool walls, using thick scrubbing brushes (other models are better) and its also got a switch off mechanism if it manages to crawl out of the pool. That’s not that important with my pool as I’ve got a lip at the top of the vertical walls but I can see it can be useful for pools with sloping walls.

I do have a ladder and was worried that the robot would get caught up behind that but it seems to avoid this. The same goes for nooks and crannies, it just doesn’t seem to get stuck but keeps going back and forward, back and forward in nice smooth arcs cleaning, vacuuming and filtering as it goes.

Did I say that I love my new pool robot? Yes, yes, I know they are generally more expensive than other cleaners, but with prices coming down each year (my robot cost me less than $800) there will be one less excuse to make the move. Now if they can just shrink it down to fit on my army knife…