You may have heard of the “Buyer’s Journey,” the steps a potential customer goes through (awareness, consideration, decision) before they commit to a company. In essence, understanding the buyer’s journey allows you to nurture individual leads more effectively. Rather than gear your content just to the person who’s ready to buy (or worse yet, to no one in particular), you can use the buyer’s journey to create content that’s specific to your lead’s needs at an exact stage in their purchase process.

Content is a great way to not only build awareness for your brand, but also to build credibility. Once your audience is aware of your what you do, putting out solid content will only further help your customer during this consideration process—that eventually leads, of course, to their buying decision. 

Just as your customer has a journey to go on, so too do you have a journey to go through with content marketing. If you’re looking for a guide of your own, start with our content mapping worksheet. Decide which content is best for you and your company at every stage of the buyer’s journey, so that you can best use your shiny new Swiss Army Knife of content to its full potential.