The Korcraft Everyday Blade Is The World’s Smallest Folding Utility Knife

I’m a recent utility blade convert. They’re super compact and lightweight, low maintenance, and come with very few disadvantages. Plus, you never have to worry about sharpening the blade — when one dulls, toss it and pop in another. Honestly, it makes perfect sense for everyday carry, which is why I’m happy to see more love for utility blades throughout the community as a whole.

Картинки по запросу Folding Utility Knife

The latest entry is the Everyday Blade from Korcraft. Roughly the size of a house key, it’s the smallest folding utility knife in the world. Weighing in at just 0.9 ounces (24 grams), it measures just 0.82 inches (20.8 millimeters) wide, 2.1 inches (53.2 millimeters) long, and 0.48 inches (12.3 millimeters) thick.

However, the Everyday Blade doesn’t use the standard utility blades you’d expect. Instead, it uses utility blades normally used for crafts — the small ones used in craft or hobby blades. What this means is it accepts up to 12 different styles of blades.

For safety, the Everyday Blade uses a slide lock to secure the blade in either the open or closed position, and the blade can easily be deployed one-handed.

One of the best features of the Everyday Blade (and any utility blade, for that matter) is that it’s TSA safe. Just remove the blade before heading through security. When you get to your destination, drop by just about any hobby or hardware store and pick up a set of blades.